King of Hearts AF Event Recorder Auto Trigger (KOH)-OEM

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KING OF HEARTS Express AF Event Recorder, Auto Trigger (KOH)-OEM

Newly refurbished
Lightweight, easy-to-use cardiac event monitor
Small profile for patient comfort


2-Lead Wire Patient Cable
Belt Clip
1 Year Warranty

10 minutes of ECG memory
Allows physicians to extend the monitoring period to 30-days
Auto trigger assists in capturing cardiac abnormalities, atrial fibrillation (AFib)
Automatically captures and records cardiac arrhythmias that go undetected by the patient.
Stores AFib, atrial fibrillation events for a later time when the data is transmitted to the diagnostic laboratory.
Event data is sent via landline phone, internet connection, or returned to the medical facility for download.
Has programmable features that allow it to be adapted to every patient's monitoring needs

Sale Price $695.00 (previously $795.00)

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