EDANUSA Vet Diagnostic Ultrasound System AX3 **New Point of Care Ultrasound**

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EDANUSA Vet Diagnostic Ultrasound System AX3 

The AX2 VET has been designed from the relentless focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost-effective price. Alone with the unique dual-sockets and dual-batteries inspiration in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable ax3 VET delivers a surprising value to meet all the demands for animals.

Revolutionary platform with superb detail resolution & Distinctive Design

15.6 inch high medical resolution monitor with 180 degree rotation
10.1 inch sensitive touch screen releasing efficient operation at fingertips
Duel battery design empowering ultra long working time (2 + hours)
Booting time is less than 30 seconds
Two transducer ports
Dedicated presets and measurement packages for veterinary applications
Customizable user interface

Ultra-light and compact Multiple data managing methods:

DICOM and Network PDF, AVI, BMP file export
Superb detail resolution Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI)

Intelligent Workflow

1. eOptimized — One key optimization in different modes
2. PW auto trace — One key in automatic measurement
3. High capacity storage with USB transfer
4. eTouch — Efficient ‘Swipe’ gesture control
5. Innovative user interface layout with accurate function division





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