GE B40 Patient Monitor

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GE B40 Patient Monitor

The B40 Monitor provides versatile clinical capabilities to help you monitor a wide range of patients. From ambulatory surgery to surgical suites to PACU, it offers simplicity of operation to help clinicians deliver excellent care with ease and confidence.

Intuitive features and user interface make the B40 Monitor easy to operate with minimal training.

12.1-inch vibrant display supports up to six waveforms simultaneously, allowing clinicians an at-a-glance view of a patient’s status.
• Intuitive menus and one-button access to commonly used functions increase efficiency and minimize training.
• Advanced alarm system with preset limits alert caregivers to critical situations.
• Multiple mounting options and range of accessories enable you to configure the workspace to meet your needs.
• HL7 serial output for data capture and enhanced networking connectivity supports continuity of care for patients across a variety of settings.

With its small footprint, the portable B40 Monitor fits easily into perioperative and specialty care areas as well as physician offices where space is at a premium. The semi-modular platform allows you to customize the monitor with multi-parameter combinations, built-in printer options, multiple mounting options, and a range of accessories to meet your workflow needs. The B40 Monitor is verified to work in both CARESCAPE* and S/5 network environments. With HL7 direct output and EMR connectivity through the CARESCAPE Gateway server, the monitor integrates with the flow of clinical information through your facility, so patient data is easily shared and available where needed.

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