GE CS Diagnostic System Resting ECG Application

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GE CS Diagnostic System Resting ECG Application

The CS™ Diagnostic System Resting ECG application transforms your physician office PC into a resting ECG device. The Cardiac Acquisition Module (CAM-14) with the CAM USB A/T interface is easily connected from the patient to your PC’s standard USB port. The CAM-14 provides high-quality ECG presentation for accurate cardiac assessment of your patients. Its outstanding digital signal processing reduces artifact for clearer tracings.

• Comprehensive GE Marquette® 12SL™ ECG analysis program including ACI-TIPI, gender-specific criteria, 12SL with Right Ventricular Involvement measurement and serial presentation of ECGs; 12SL is one of the most validated ECG analysis programs in the industry and has been cited in over 150 independent publications
• Multiple configurable report formats are available
• Full disclosure data can be stored in the CS Diagnostic System database and easily accessed remotely via CS Web; robust editing functions make report generation simple and fast
• Seamless connectivity with other GE resting ECG devices such as MAC® 800, MAC 1200, MAC 1600, MAC 3500, MAC 5500 and with EMR** systems
• DICOM formatted resting ECG report generated by CS Diagnostic System is automatically exported to PACS workstations, making physician over-read fast and efficient while speeding up patient throughput
• Seamless connectivity to GE MUSE® Cardiology Information System for even more workflow efficiencies
• Multiple networking options are available (consult CS Diagnostic System Networking product sheet)

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