Newman Medical DigiDop II Handheld Doppler DD-770R-D2

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Newman DigiDop II Handheld Doppler
The DigiDop 2 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for later term pregnancies or larger patients.
These probes create more than six times as much signal at some depths that other probes.

The smaller size and smoothly contoured shape were meticulously designed to comfortably fit your hand and coat pocket. Great sound is maintained with new high power miniature speaker technology. The stainless micro-screen on the speaker lets the sound out and keeps dirt and paperclips from getting in. Each unit is individually tested and approved at our factories in Colorado, USA. Its quality and toughness are evidenced by the full five year warranty that covers the probes as well as the main unit, including both parts and labor.


Superior sound quality

Our Dopplers have the sensitivity and audio response to allow you to hear the fetal heart tones quickly and clearly. All DigiDop systems have our state of the art Digital Signal Clarity – DSC™. A sound processor in the main unit enhances the sounds you want to hear while reducing those you don’t. The DSC™ processing is optimally set for each different probe frequency.
The DigiDop speakers are small but powerful high fidelity speakers that have an extraordinarily smooth and rich response over the whole range of Doppler sounds.



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