Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus ECG w/interpretation, Spirometry,Memory SC-9.173000CS

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Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-10

Plus provides all the functions of a high-quality 12-channel electrocardiograph and it meets the requirements of an integrated diagnostic workstation.
The CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus combines Resting ECG, Exercise ECG, Pacemaker Measurement, HRV analysis, Signal Averaged ECG analysis, and Spirometry in a single system.
It is used in many clinics and practices, even in the international space station and its control centers.


Resting ECG
Cardiac Stress Testing
HRV has the ability to predict survival after an MI as   well as diabetic automatic neuropathy
SAECG / Late potential
Spirometry device in one compact unit
Full size, 12 channel print out
10.4" LCD Color, 12-Lead or 16-lead
4,000 Hz Sampling Rate
Rechargeable battery for mobile use
Lan "Ethernet Standard”, "Wi-Fi optional", and XML
Trackmaster Treadmill compatible
Schiller Ergometers
Plug & Play Spirometer


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